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Rhein-Mesh (River Rhine)


Europe mesh by Mario Groezinger

Mario Groezinger interpolated several European countries in 100m (300 ft.) grid spacing from 1km-data. The improvement compared to the standard scenery is enormous.
I don't use flightsimulator any more without his scenery! 
Rhein mesh by Burkhard Renk Scenery of the Rhein valley between Bingen and Lahnstein, the famous Loreley rock and surroundings. Includes a 38m elevated mesh scenery of the valley, a proper readraw of the hydrography and the railway lines on both sides of the river, with a tunnel through the Lorelay.


Microsoft Terrain-SDK short introduction for mesh terrains incl. tools:
1. Resample - reads 16-Bit-Integer grid elevation data, parameter via control-file *.INF
2. Compress - use when required
3. Tmf2bgl - converts *.TMF-files (created by step 1 or 2) into *.BGL-files
read_dem.exe DEM-Reader for USGS-ASCII-DEM- and SDTS-data
creates headerfile with information for *.INF-file
Pennsylvania State University, Earth System Science Center
course: Geograph. Coordinate Systems Coordinate Systems by Peter H. Dana
Coordinate Transformation offline course for coordinate transformation with formulas and parameters:
42 pages / 750KB PDF-file:
Ordnance Survey, the national mapping agency of Great Britain
Coordinate Transformation online input form at the homepage of Bernd Scherer
FSMesh FSMesh is a new scenery design tool for MS Flight Simulator 2000. It is intended to integrate the creation of big, high detail elevated mesh terrain and base scenery objects. You can import mesh information from DEM30 - files, DHM - 100 files and FSRail files. You can enter additional information based on background images, scanned or digital maps as examples. You can modify every input point to correct for errors or to adjust to your sceneries need. Input to FSMesh has not to be in any grid form. FSMesh is not a freeware program.

Raw Data Elevation Models:

DEM Teck in 50m grid Landesvermessungsamt Baden-Wuerttemberg / Germany
DEM USA in 30m- and 90m-grid 1:24,000 DEM (SDTS) and 1:250,000 DEM by U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
DEM global in 900m-grid GTOPO30 by U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

Raw Data Aerial Photos:

Technical Search NASA: Earth from Space - Technical Search
Clickable Map NASA: Search All Astronaut Photography of Earth - Clickable Map